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I understand you may be apprehensive about coming to a private home for your session.  Most of us feel more at ease in a "public" setting.   However, please rest assured, you will be completely safe and comfortable at all times at Mindful Touch.

You'll be shown to a separate room overlooking a peaceful pond for your relaxing massage treatment. An attached private bathroom is available should you wish to use it. No need to worry about interruptions, although a deer might wander by outside the window.

In order for your treatment to be customized especially for you, on your first visit you'll be asked to fill out a Client Intake Form indicating any recent injuries, surgeries or medications which may affect your massage treatment. After a short discussion to identify your goals for the session, you'll be left alone so that you can undress to your level of comfort and then crawl between the sheets/blanket on a padded and heated professional massage table. You can completely relax, knowing that you will be covered at all times, with only the area being massaged uncovered. 

As you lay back and retreat into total nirvana, I will use long, flowing strokes to relieve tense muscles, increase circulation, and release stress, creating a state of balance and wellness that will last and last. If you have areas with extra tension and/or pain due to over-exertion or stress, I can use more pressure and additional techniques to alleviate the discomfort. Specialty oils or creams will be used to enhance your experience. If you choose a 90-minute session, I can focus even more energy, time and attention on the places you may hold tension - providing you with extra relief. The soft lighting and soothing music will also encourage your muscles to relax.

During your treatment, please feel free to communicate your desires regarding pressure, table warmth or any other factor related to your total comfort.   It is my goal to help you forget your troubles and have your tension, aches and pains soothed away during this blissful hour.

At the conclusion of your session, hot towels enhanced with essential oils will be provided as an uplifting end to your treatment.  You will also receive a bottle of cold water -- water is extremely important after a massage -- and a gourmet chocolate.